To be Awarded Annually in the House with the Highest Aggregate of Points in every Branch of School Activity.


1926-27 Thoresby
HouseCaptains: K Costeloe and LWH Payling

1927-28 Welbeck
Captains: Kathleen Richardson and LJ Ayres

1928-29 Welbeck
Captains: Kathleen Richardson and LJ Ayres

1929-30 Welbeck
Captains: Muriel Calladine and HS Wass

1930-31 Wollaton
Captains: H Parkinson and LG Minns

1931-32 Wollaton
Captains: E Cooper and LG Minns

1932-33 Wollaton
Captains: E Cooper and EA Holmes

1933-34 Thoresby
Captains: GF Mawer and ES Foster

1934-35 Thoresby
Captains: JE Patterson and ES Foster

1935-36 Welbeck
Captains: CAP Blake and CW Cullen

1936-37 Hardwick
Captains: E Griffin and RAJ Viggers

1937-38 Hardwick
Captains: HE Smeeton and RAJ Viggers

1938-39 Welbeck
Captains: R Sewell and LGB Mann

1939-40 Welbeck
Captains: M Armson and J Cullen

1940-41 Wollaton
Captains:J Deacon and EJ Thorpe

1941-42 Welbeck
Captains: K Auckland and K Pinder

1942-43 Thoresby
Captains: D Truman and G Brunt

1943-44 Wollaton 
Captains: H Smith and D Henrick

1944-45 Thoresby
Captains: J Sudworth and HG Crisp

1945-46 Thoresby
Captains: P Goodwin and AG Morris

1946-47 Welbeck
Captains: MJ Ayres and D Hogg

1947-48 Thoresby
Captains: D Fisher and J Holland

1948-49 Wollaton
Captains: J Freeborough and A Chester

1949-50 Hardwick
J Auris and L Simpson

1950-51 Thoresby
Captains: J Westmoreland and M Fletton

1951-52 Thoresby
J Westmoreland and D Pearson

1952-53 Wollaton
Captains: M Slack and M Stevenson

1953-54 Wollaton
Captains: D Brenell and T King

1954-55 Hardwick
Captains: T Elliott and R Stenson

1955-56 Wollaton
Captains: E Swinscoe and P Cross

1956-57 Thoresby
Captains: A Ward, J Gartland, and J Greenaway

1960-61 Welbeck
Captains: N Spungin and C Martin

1961-62 Hardwick
Captains: J Thompson and Jane Walkyier