On a recent holiday in East Anglia my wife Audrey and I managed to track down The Rev. Calder. We were aware that his last ‘living’ had been in Suffolk but had not previously had the chance to investigate. 
He had been Rector in the village of Martlesham, near Ipswich, but we did not know which church. We went on a Sunday morning, in the hope of catching a service, and were eventually successful. Our first stop was actually in Martlesham, only to find a very new church on a housing development. Fortunately a member of that congregation was able to direct us to the old Village Church of St. Mary where we managed to catch the latter part of the morning service.   
There were a few more ‘senior’ members of the congregation who remembered Rev. Calder, although they were unaware of the fact that he had been a Grammar School Headmaster. 
We were then introduced to the Verger, who was able to show us Mr. Calder’s memorial in the Churchyard.


St Mary's CHurch, Martlesham, Suffolk Audrey Scott
inscription on grave of R B Calder Grave of R B Clader