Mundella Grammar School 1973-78. 

by Richard Stokes

Hi to all those who attended between the years above ,

This Mundella Web site is Great.

What 'House' were you in? (Thorsby, Welbeck, Wollaton or Hardwick).

Do you remember the Mundella School 'anthem'?

What about 'Flowing Waters' that you had to copy out loads of times while in detention? (The page - long prose with really long words in it that was written by some past 6th former).

Do you remember the 'Pop Mime contests and Disco's in the Hall on a Friday dinnertime that I used to organise?

Do you remember the Teachers names and subjects?

I remember a few; -

Mr Hodnett/ Mr Rowarth - Headmasters.

Mrs Leek (freaky leaky),

Mrs Littlejohns,

Mrs Wanda Holroyd - School Secretary.

Mr K.Sudbury - Chemistry.

Mrs Starkins - Physics.

Mr Campbell Kay - English.

Mr Glass

The little Art Teacher (I can't remember her name) who I am sure used to fancy me!

The 'R.I.' Teacher in your photo.

Here's an updated pupil list from our Year.


Michael Clay Colin Agar. Phillip Worral

Terry O'Connor Nigel Metcalf

Stan Mitchell Robert Clarke

David Boyce Angus

Steven Alsebrook Carl Watson

Vincent Godber Jonathan Penfold

Christopher Gutteridge Marc Fox

Lesley Bennett (Best Mate) William Brown

Irvin Bedwood Peter Nutbrown

Neil Pike Michael Purser

Trevor Kirby Richard Wallis

Darren Barker (Best mate even today) Mick Etches (Best Mate)

David Raynor Colin Smith (Best Mate)

David Towers Evo Sharpe

Richard Rolph Simon Barrat


Penny Lewin Mandy Griffiths

Joanna Argent Melanie

Anne Woodward Joanne Bugby

Georgia Weston Sandra Anderson

Lorraine Bednall Linda Evans

Julie Richardson Catherine Hall (same Primary School)

ElaineHicks Tanya Brown

Lorraine Staples Bryony Kay

Marilyn Baines Rupinder

Adele Davis Lee Thornhill.

Margaret Morson Charlotte Clough

Sarah King Jane Bywater

Deniece Spencer Julia Curzon

Judith Deavon Tracey Asher

Linda Wood Jane Harvey

Jane Bennet Anne Hunter

Lorraine Greyson

Wouldn't it be fab to have a re-union one day?

Hope this will help to bring back a few more names and memories to all.