Go Forward

(from Margaret Astill)

Mundella School for ever, may it successful be
With earnest students blended in cordial sympathy.
In playground and in study let all put forth their might.
In healthy emulation their fullest powers unite.


Go forward then Mundella
Go forward one and all
In honour's path press forward
Advance at duty's call.

Our good old town has ever her part right nobly played.
In freedom's cause her people have strenuous efforts made.
Our Scholars in the future her citizens will be,
Their zeal and labour bringing increased prosperity.


Go forward then Mundella, your daughters leal and true;
Your sons staunch and determined shall duty's call pursue.
Thus shall they surely further in one united band
The welfare of our city and of our Motherland.


(taken from the handwritten song book of Annie Palmer (deceased) who was a pupil during and after WW1. Interestingly, in the last verse, she has "fatherland". When I was at school we sang "motherland")