The Wall  

(from Richard Brown)

I have not complimented you on the brick wall motif for your Mundella home page.

Pink Floyd's legendary recording was made a few years after I had joined the workforce, but I certainly remember relating to the irony of their lyrics, and I still do. The kid's chorus on the recording was made by a school choir not unlike Mundella's, the sound was spot on (apart from the southern vowels). Pink Floyd asked the school for the use of their choir for background on a new recording. The lyrics were not mentioned at the time and there was a lot of righteous indignation from the school's headmaster when the album was released, which was entertainingly reported in the papers for a couple of days.

"Just another brick in the wall" unfortunately sums up how many of us felt about the way we were processed through the place. There may have been an exciting world outside those walls, but when you passed through the gate in the morning you entered a domain where time stood still for the likes of Hoard, Stevens, Baggott, Crossley, Onion, Winfield, White, Dakin and co.

"We don't want your education! We don't want your mind control!" but we got it anyway.