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Name: David Cooke
Homepage: -
Date Posted: 12/31/00 15:24:05 GMT
My second visit! Thought I'd return with a few more memories:

Chalky White thought it would make a change for us to dissect some lancelets. He sent away for about 10 and they cost a lot of money. He read somewhere that pickling them in nitric acid toughened them up and made them easier to dissect. A few days later the jar they were in contained only a yellow-brown mush. So we went back to dogfish.

Memories of CW (again) trying to explain the intricacies of DNA structure using a couple of pieces of string...

Being told to referee Hockey and given a little book of rules of the game to read. Waste of time. Fifty turned up and they all wanted to play. We had about 20 on one side and 30 on the other. I shouted 'sticks' about 20 times in the first five minutes until some of the players told me to shut up as it was distracting. After a while I went home as it was getting chilly. The next day I tried to find out the result in case anyone asked me, but no-one seemed to know.

Extreme embarassment during Enlish when it was discovered that I didn't know what a 'dumbwaiter' was. I reckon I was set up.

A young physics teacher (don't know his name) offering up a gold-leaf electroscope on a wax slab to the Van der Graff generator as if to some kind of deity. Unfortunately the gods were not happy and he finished sprawled on the floor. I think the wax was a bit damp.

Happy new millenium to you all!

Name: Graham Clarkson
Homepage: Science 6 form 1963
Date Posted: 12/30/00 20:37:54 GMT
Anyone around who attended the 6 form from 1963 to 1966 with me. I came from Greenwood School after O levels to the sixth form, starting in 6 lower science in September 1963 and would welcome contacts from anyone who atteded at the same time,

Name: Christine Allen (now Eagle)
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 12/29/00 17:10:34 GMT
One of the 1966 5K to add to the tally. Great idea for website, I saw the ad in the post. We had a reunion when we were all 40, I thought we were to meet again every 5-10 years? I didn't get to the 'general' reunions, but I'd like to meet again before too long, at our age you never know? The worst thing is no-one can lie about their age. I'm still living in Nottingham, married with 2 sons. I qualified as a teacher in 1972, but never took up a teaching post, thinking back to what we were like, it was probably a good thing. I now work at the Nottingham West Land Registry. Happy 2001, hope to see you before this time next year.

Name: Pamela Warsap
Homepage: Pamela Towle
Date Posted: 12/28/00 19:54:10 GMT
from 1951 to 1956

Name: Malcolm "Fred" Fox
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 12/27/00 18:41:00 GMT
Like several correspondents I heard about the site at the Forest game on Boxing Day. I attended Mundella from 1959 to 1964. My first form was 1W and my form mistress Mrs Wood. I recall that the first forms took the teacher's initial and thus, in 1959, we had Mrs Woods, Mr Ormston. Mrs Ritchie and Mr Martin. To general amusement this spelt out W-O-R-M. Incidentally Mrs Wood moved to Rushcliffe Grammar SchooI where, I believe, she saw out her teaching career. I bumped into her, and her husband, several years ago at a history convention - we had a good chat about R.R. Stephens whose wrath I incurred on several occasions.
I moved to the Lower Second in 1960 staying a "Lower" up to the Fifth under the house-master/mistressship of Miss Winfield, dear old Doris Barlow ("Fox you really do take the biscuit"), Mr. Still and "Daddy" Daykin - great teacher's all.
My school career was not noted for its academic achievement. Mr. Moody said it all in the summer of '64 when he stopped me in the corridor between the old school and the new assembly hall and said "Fox, I assume you will not be staying on for A Levels ?". Too right boss ! I left Monkeydella for the wild and woolly world of …..the Civil Service.
My main achievements at Mundella were on the playing field (soccer and cricket) and in a group called "Lost" which consisted of class-mates Raymond "Spike" Pyke, Alan "Scobie" Robinson and Mick Court - plus Frankie Ellis from a year below us. I vividly remember sharing billing with the "Salty Dogs" at a School Christmas Dance. "Lost" continued to function until the late 60's, playing all over the East Midlands and earning absolutely no money !
I was known to everyone as Fred Fox and in the fourth and fifth forms sported blondish hair of a prestigious length. So outrageous was my coiffure that one assembly Mr. Hoard - who always warmed us, the audience, up before the grand entry of the boss - ordered me out of the boys' lines (left hand side as we stood) and into that of the girls - wonderful !! I am now bald which would not have surprised Mr Martin, a wonderful man who tried to teach me maths (he failed). He estimated that wearing my hair that long would tire it out and thus lead to its demise - how right he was !!
Classmates I particularly remember are Paul Dixon (joined the Navy), Tony Crosby, Mick Brown, Phil Schatzberger, Bill Morrell, Derek Fry (last saw him twenty years ago), Alan Hankinson, David Fulwood, Maureen Elston, Ann Coleman, Elaine Stainsby, and Annette Teasdale.
I remember particularly Kenneth John Sargent (a red haired native of Hampshire) who was belted by a dustbin-man in the playground for singing "My old man's a dustman" at him - served him right. Also Vivienne Rowe who shared with me an admiration for Screaming Lord Sutch, attending some of his lordship's extravaganzas with me.
Old Mundellans recently encountered are Jimmy Richardson (year below me) - teaching at Redhill School, Mick Walker the ex-sports master who is working with the Leeds United youth academy (I got an Xmas Card from him last week) and Harry Barr who attended well before me in the fifties and is senior partner at Clayton Mott and Son, Solicitors, Milton St, Nottingham.
I really loved the school. Despite the pomposity it occasionally exhibited it had some brilliant teachers, who in their different ways were quite inspirational. My interest in history was nurtured by Mr Hunt, and this led me, eventually, to study the subject at university. My sporting aspirations were ruined by injury but my love of sport was fuelled by George Hunter, Mr Lewis (the Welsh Dragon !), Mr Cook, and the late Phillip Smith (chemistry (I think)and sport - himself an Old Mundellan).
I have somehow missed out on the reunions but would love to hear from old friends. I will certainly re-visit the site and will try to dig out some photos.

Name: Stan Mitchell
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 12/27/00 18:33:21 GMT
1973 - 1978
I was very interested to hear from some of my fellow pupils at the old red & yellow monkey della. What a stupid name they gave us (Roland Green - never been a school). Good old Richard Stokes fancy jogging my memory with those names from the past, especially the girls i have never been more pleased to see a girls school close down. I still see a few of the crew Irvin Bedwood, Carl Watson(although not for some time) Lorraine Bednall we all still drink in the town centre at weekend, but then again we are only 21. Colin Agar went one better he actually ended up running night clubs/ Does anyone ever remember a football cup final between Mundella and a bunch of monsters (i can't remember their school name)we, a rugby school, had the nerve to get to the final and actually take them to extra time and penalties. Michael Clay fancy missing that crucial penalty you may of cost me a footballing career(never mind its only money). One last thing a certain Gary Bright(one more for the list)was with me in the same cookery class along with all those Clifton Hall Girls - Question what was the cookery teachers name? Could anyone who remembers me please try and get old of me Mobile 07747 822636 unless i owe you money, David Raynor i still owe you 10p sorry
Cheers Stan

Name: Elaine Daley (now Burgin)
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 12/27/00 18:01:30 GMT
Hi there all old Mundellonians !! I was at the Forest football ground and heard about this website. What a fantastic idea !!

I was at Mundella from '57 to '64 and would love to hear from anyone in my years who remembers me. It was great to read all the memories, but - no one mentioned Mr Todd - my schooldays pin up (taught french). Does anyone remember him, he had a scooter - in fact I've got a picture of him and Mr Ormston on it near the old dining hall. He was fresh out of university with long sideboards and a PURPLE tie, he had all the girls swooning over him back then.

I have been a classroom teacher myself for nearly thirty years and was lucky enough to get early retirement. I now teach IT skills to adults.

If there is anyone out there (particularly Marilyn Bowley as was, Jean Waterfield as was, Gillian Hendry as was and anymore of our crew) who remembers those good old days of hiding from prefects on cold playtimes, putting sweets on the boiler to melt, the 34 society, counting how many times Dolly Onions said "Do you agree?" etc. Please, please, get in touch. It would be great to swap memories again.

Name: Lynsey Reed (now Lowe)
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 12/27/00 13:59:03 GMT
I also saw the advert about the website at the Forest match. Brilliant site/idea. I'd love to hear from anyone who was there when I was - 1973-1976. I left in 1976 to go to Bilborough 6th Form - didn't have one at Mundella by then. I live in Nottingham (after a few years in Derby) but hardly ever see anyone from Mundella. I remember Mr Nettleship (scary), Mr Sudbury, Mr Offord. My sister also went to Mundella - Bev - 2 years below me. We used to live at the Town Arms on Trent Bridge - then moved to a different pub in Radford. I remember the two buses to get to school! I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me - those in my year, such as Paula, Alison, Jane, Cosimo Basile, Richard Blundell (who I have seen over the years), David & Jon Mitchell, and the older ones (!) Kev Bishop, etc.

Name: David Anderson
Homepage: David and Janice(nee Payne) Anderson
Date Posted: 12/27/00 13:44:24 GMT
At Mundella from 1950-54
Married Janice Payne who was also at Mundella from 1949-54. We now live in Lincolnshire after having several different addresses over the years.

Name: Norwebb, Ann
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 12/27/00 13:04:15 GMT
I would be pleased to hear from any one who was at the School from 1953 to 1958, particularly Jennifer Lowe, Jennifer Trout, Dorothy Forster, and any one else who was in our Form.

Name: Neil Stevenson
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 12/27/00 10:55:34 GMT
Happy New Year to everyone!

Name: Christine Ashbee (nee Stevenson)
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 12/27/00 10:54:36 GMT
I attended Mundella 1953 - 1958, I'm still in touch with Julie Thomas.
After leaving school I lived in Stockholm, got married in 1967 & had 2 children, Catherine (32) & Clare (27). I'm now working at Beeston Library.
Happy New Year!

Name: Simon 'Sam' Russell
Homepage: Sam 'Jack' Russell
Date Posted: 12/27/00 10:04:31 GMT
1974-1979.Great memories of old Colditz. I remember electrocuting myself in Mrs Cliffe's Biologhy lesson and then she reported me to Mr Woods and Sudbury who the slippered me for being so stupid. That was the last time I stuck disecting pins in a plug socket I can tell you. The names I remember are the likes of Steven 'Willo' Williamson, Tony Daft, Stuart Attenborough, Terry Mighton( our boxing Champ),Mark James, Carl Needham, Billy Wright (not the footballer),a very clever lad called Garfield, Ratty(don't remember real name) David 'Whale' Lyman , Simmo, Joanne Humphries,Joycelin Platt(still see now and again), Myrrel Somersil, and a girl called Jill I really fancied back then. I remember school trips to Swanage camping and then the Paris trip where we were found in a pub by a couple of teachers who were extremely unimpressed. We were already in trouble because the beer was served in great glasses which we decided should be souvenirs, the waiter kept us there until they all re-appeared on the table, whoops !!!
Anyway I turned out OK and now I'm a Sales Director at a computer distributor.
If anybody remeber me or any of the trips it would be great to hear from you.
Sam Russell.

Name: Steve Seaton
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 12/26/00 21:59:54 GMT
I have just read through the web site and found it absolutely fascinating!!!! Saw the site advertised at the Forest match this afternoon(v Crewe - We won 1.0). I was at Mundella from 1962 to 1966, unfortunately left like so many others to start work before achieving any academic awards. I recognised many names from my era, Stuart Perkins(now owns Tom Browns Restaurant, Gunthorpe, Notts., the meal is absolutely first class), Dane Tuxford, a big friend of Stuarts, but who now lives in Sydney, Australia. Robert Topham, Chris Noble, Steve Simpson, Steve Piggott, Brian Marshall, Phil Holland. Some of these played football for the school, me included. Brian Marshall in goal, I was right back, Steve ????? played left back, Phil Holland inside right, Dane Tuxford midfield I think, with Stuart Perkins centre midfield. I have been in contact with Stuart over the past two or three years and reminisced over old times at the school. I am aware that he is in contact with several other pupils from our time there and I shall contact him after Christmas about the site because he has mentioned before about getting a reunion of some description together. Ian Devonport, not from my era but a distant relative, attended the school later, and he talks about the recent Test Match at Trent Bridge, where I also saw him. What he fails to tell everyone is that he now lives in Southern Ireland just outside Waterford.
When I first arrived at the school I was in 1D(I can't understand why!!!!!}Miss Andrews was the form teacher, a slim not unattractive blonde as I recall. I well remember the time when I asked for the end of term exam results saying, "Miss can we have us marks please", and I was made to stand up at my desk and continually aske for them until I realised it should have been "our" marks. What an embarrassment - but she was the English teacher after all.
I could carry on all night, but I won't, instead I will keep tuning in to the site to keep abreast of what is happening and if anyone remembers me send me a message on my E-mail, Look forward to hearing from you and reading your comments in the future. Steve..........

Name: David Freemantle
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 12/26/00 20:26:57 GMT
Sorry about the repetitive messages everyone, but my pc was showing no sign of them having been transmitted
how embarrassing to see them appear one after another....i'm not going senile ,honestly,(well perhaps slightly)

Name: Tracy Church (nee Greenway)
Homepage: Rossami's homepage
Date Posted: 12/26/00 20:09:16 GMT
Saw the advert in the Evening Post, great to be able to look back at the blasts from the past. I was there 74-79 and didnt realise how good it had been til i left ! I still live in Nottingham, 2 kids, loads of animals (sse the website but its not finished) and work for Freeserve ISP in the tech support dept.
Please get in touch if you remember me but there doesnt seem to be too many from my time as yet.
A few staff that spring to mind are Mr Oldak (Physics), Mr Baggot (maths) Mr Angus (PE) i seem to think he left to train for the 76 olympics, marathon or something long distance, Hawkins (Geography), Offord (English) Mr Sudbury (PE), Walker (Maths) and Mr Taylor (French), imagine a teacher smoking a pipe during lessons these days eh ???
I have some photos from the 1979 Paris trip, I'll sort them out and get them on here, mind you, praps best if some of them don’t see the light of day again !!
Great site, keep up the good work.

Name: Barry Payne
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 12/26/00 19:59:42 GMT
I was at Mundella from 1953 to 1958 and I still have my old report book. (Was I really that bad?) I see from the message board that most have not done that bad so we all must have been fortunate to be so well educated, even though some of us didn't appreciate it at the time!
Teachers I remember are Mr Ordoyno (Think I've spelt it right), Dolly Onions (she didn't like me at all)and her side kick Miss Barlow. Poor Miss Thurman took RI - we gave her such a hard time, Mr Stacey, dear old R B Calder and of course the wonderful Barton Hart.
Pupils I remember are Susan George, Jean Frost, Kate Dewey, Robin Bilby, Keith Slater, Jeff Barker, Caroline Beardsmore, Susan Webster and my old partner in (many) crimes Charlie Rundle - whatever happened to him? My sister Janice Payne also attended Mundella from about 1949 to 1954, married David Anderson and they now live in Lincs.
Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I still live not too far away from Nottm in South West Leics.

Name: Dave Cutts
Homepage: Dont Have One
Date Posted: 12/26/00 19:29:31 GMT
I have just logged onto this site after seeing the ads at the Forest match today. I was at Mundella from 1961 - 66. I have just had a quick look at some of the others who have signed the guest book, and have seen some familiar and fondly remembered names : Steve Adcock (thanks for organising the reunion back in 86 steve), John Williams (Got any dinner tickets to sell bonehead ?), John Pownall ( you still watching the reds John ?)

After leaving school with two O levels I drifted into a job with British Rail and stayed with them, even through privatisation, until I took early retirement last Feb. I am now working part time at Nottingham University, trying to play Golf, and have enrolled with the Open University.

Finally for now, thanks to all associated with setting up this site, I am sure I shall be a regular visitor.

Name: Roy Hardy
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 12/26/00 02:58:05 GMT
Hello to all old Mundellans. Was looking for the site for one of my grandsons!I was at the old place from 62until 66. I left to go and earn some money and didnt take any exams. Now working as a Sales Manager in International Shipping so Mr Moody's French has always been useful.I have many many fond memories of the old place and would love to hear from anyone who started life in 1B with Mr Roberts as well as Stew Perkins Mick Boyle Dane Tuxford Brian Marshall Malc Turner Phil Hardy (may be in Oz)Dave Dilks Steve Piggott Andy Kirk Bob Topham and any one else from those great old days.

Name: David J Pearson
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 12/25/00 14:27:45 GMT
Saw Terry Baddeley in the Admiral Rodney, Wollaton on Christmas Eve. He didn't buy me a drink but did tell me to log on this site. I was at the old school 1945-52 and cried my eyes out when I had to leave. Despite the particularly low opinion that Dolly Onions and Dorothy Barlow shared of me, I eventually became a full-time academic, lecturing at Trent Poly/University
and anywhere else that would pay me the price of a drink. I would be particularly pleased if anyone could tell me the whereabouts of my old mucker Barry Willmot.

Name: Peter Taylor
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 12/25/00 11:29:10 GMT
Hi everyone out there who may remember me - I was at the old school from 1965-72. Two names on the visitors list I remember well - Sobes from the days of 3V when he used to hide my school bag when we couldn't take bags into the chemistry lab and Badge who I used to sit next to in 4S1! G;ad to hear that they've both done well for themselves - I'm still stuck in Education working as an administrator for Notts County Council (since leaving school!). They were good days- anyone remember the clashes with Becket pupils around the suspension bridge/rock gardens. And there was the sweet shop next to St. Faiths (now the King's School) where you could have a fizzy drink for 3d. (old money!!).

Not in touch with anyone now from the old days but Philip Martin (a few years older than me) and Alison Holloway (nee Temperton) who is a bit younger both work in the Education Department. I've passed the site address to Philip so he may be on soon.

One of my best friends is someone I met through knowing his wife at work - it became a really small world when I found out that he was the son of Pete Smith, the chemistry teacher, from my 1st/2nd years. Sadly, Pete is no longer alive.

Well, that's it from me. If anyone wants to get in touch please feel free - I spend most of my spare time using the computer to enhance my hobby of aircraft spotting! Hope you all enjoy life to the full - school did prove to be happy days.........

Name: Martin Shipley
Homepage: n/a
Date Posted: 12/24/00 19:06:20 GMT
I've just spent my first nostalgic visit to this site and found it immensley interesting. I recognise a few names of previous visitors - Martyn Offord, who was my form teacher in the third year I think it was, and also my English teacher. One memory is of my turn, at reading alound in one of his lessons and in true Nottingham slang pronounced a word as "showders", followed by Martyn's swift rebuke and correcting myself to say "shoulders".

I recognise Gill Bainbridge's name, who as Gillian Breffit, a close neighbour when I lived at my parents, accompanied me to school on my first day at Mundella, Gillian being in the 3rd year I think at the time. I also recognise Andy Lees who remains a close friend and told me of this site.

I have a photograph of all staff and pupils taken in May 1969, one of those long and thin ones that used to be displayed in the small hall. I will make a copy of this as a whole and also in sections and submit it to the site in January.

Name: David Freemantle
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 12/23/00 14:15:22 GMT
Having managed to get on the guest list at last, some jottings for this brilliant site
I attended both of the recent big reunions in 1996 and 1999, and as a result some of us have formed a group of our own solely for 1951 intake year. It comprises at present Pam Warsap, Joan Frost, Chris Winter, Sue Cooksley.Val.Davis, Ann Curtis (maiden names of course) Pat.Saxby, Keith Hardy, John Miles, Vere White, Michael Selby, David Palmer and Peter Pritchett.If you wish to know more please contact through the site.
Loads of memories ;here's a few to be going on with
The 2 tuck shops, Mrs. Jolliffe's and Mr. Thorpe's...
penny drinks and Park Drives from the first, and penny cobs from the latter....the Co-op bread van that used to appear at the Colleygate Rd. entrance at break-time to sell off spare cakes etc.....Mr.Calder's self-control exercise at the end of assemblies....and his ice-skate Exchange&Mart.....Miss Beaumont, every boy's fantasy gym mistress...fetching cigs for J.V.Martin....
the appalling smell from the gym changing room when you
followed another group...and the even worse one from Bitterlings glue factory when the wind was wrong
Great Days !
Happy Christmas to all, please get in touch

Name: richard stokes
Date Posted: 12/22/00 21:18:28 GMT
Hi everyone.

I attended Mundella from 1974-78. Lets get some more hits on this site. Spread the word. This is great.

Name: Richard Stokes
Date Posted: 12/22/00 20:19:23 GMT
Yeah Cats. This is a buzz. You all might not remember me but I was there from 1973 to 1978. I would very much like to know how everyone is doing out there.

Spred the word and lets get some hits.

Name: Darren Barker
Homepage: D B Theatre Services
Date Posted: 12/22/00 19:21:52 GMT
Hi everybody, I attended Mundella between 1973 & 1978.
I now live & work in Sheffield and am currently on a Management training course for Stagecoach. I also have a part time business as a theatre engineer. I still keep in touch with one ex pupil who has occasional contact with Mr Sudbury who taught Biology. He is now a headmaster at a school in Nottingham but I don't know which one.

Name: Rickie Sandford
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 12/22/00 12:28:54 GMT

Name: Helen Cox (nee Sykes)
Homepage: Helen Sykes
Date Posted: 12/22/00 10:37:04 GMT
I went to Mundella school from 1974-1979 following in the footsteps of my brother Pete Sykes. We were the last 'grammar' intake there was no intake the following and and then following that it 'turned comprehensive'. The school changed, as first years we were frightened of the prefects, as prefects we were frightened of the first years! Mr Hodnett was replaced by Mr Rowarth as head and the teachers I remember are Mr Kay (english), Mr Davies (geography), Mr Hallam (music), Mr Gardiner (german), Mrs Cliff (biology) and Mr Walker (maths). My best friends wer Carol Morley, Liz Kelby and Helen Mackie. Other people I remember are Shirley Thompson, Patsy Ellis and from reading other messages people have left I recall Dave Towers and Carl Needham. I still keep intouch with Carol, she is now in South Wales. I, on the other hand have remained in Nottingham working mainly as a laboratory technician at Boots, Knoll pharmaceuticals and now at Nottingham University. I am married and have two children.
I hope someone remembers me it would be great if you could get in touch!

Name: Harry Daniels
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 12/20/00 12:35:48 GMT
Many nostalgic and happy memories reading the site!
I attended Mundella 1953-1960 in the "s"stream, which stood for "school"(from MSGF) but which was a science stream.
I used to live in one of the "posh" houses at the Arkwright Street end of Turney Street. Does anyone remember my pekingnese dog, Chang? He used to bark like mad every day at the kids as they passede my gate.
After studyng medicine at St Georges in London, I spent 2 years at Nottingham General and the City Hospital and then 30 years as a GP in ILkeston. Now,retired, I live in London with my wife. I have two children - Lisa, who is a senior registrar in anaesthetics at St Barts and Philip, who is an internet and media lawyer.
Many names come flooding back to me:- Mr Calder. Mrs Houseman,Barton Hart, Mr Baggot, Mr Howe, John Riley, John Wilson, Robin Bilbie, David Pleat, Neil Spungin,Alan Warsop, Ray Bond, Frank Boot, Sue Webster, Ray Ibrahimi, and of course, Carol Martin.

Have been in contact with a few people over the years but would very much like to hear from Frank Boot and Carol Martin.

Anyone who remembers me, please make contact.

Name: Alan Eteson
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 12/19/00 15:37:31 GMT
At the school 1947 - 1951. Forms 1F, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G.
Anyone else from those years/forms?

Name: pauline attwood nee sibert
Homepage: NONE
Date Posted: 12/19/00 14:49:34 GMT

Homepage: NONE
Date Posted: 12/19/00 13:36:50 GMT
I was at the Mundella School from the early forties until 1949.Tom Clarke, on these pages was one of my form-mates. More later.

Name: Helen Lockhart (nee Branson)
Homepage: n/a
Date Posted: 12/18/00 14:53:37 GMT
I was transfered to Mundella from Clifton hall girls grammer school in 1975 and left in 1977. Anybody that remembers me get in touch.


Name: jeff barker
Homepage: jeff barker
Date Posted: 12/03/00 16:42:38 GMT
attended 1954-1958
am in touch with terry baddeley, dave pollington,alan warsop, tony pidgeon,ann vickers,janet pinder,all from
the "late developers" of 1954(barton hart's phrase)

we will all be "60" this year and perhaps a reunion with any others from the year would be great

Name: Terry Baddeley
Homepage: NONE
Date Posted: 11/29/00 10:42:55 GMT
I attended Mundella 1954-60 after failing my 11 plus and passing the 13plus.Our form was called 2T although Barton Hart referred to us as the "late developers".This year I have met Jeff Barker,Tony Pidgeon,David Pollington and his wife Janet (nee Pinder),Ann Swift (nee Vickers),and Alan Warsop.We would like to get in touch with other class members to organise a get together in 2001 when we will all reach 60.

Name: Diane Stone (nee Mills)
Homepage: CLMS
Date Posted: 11/28/00 13:06:37 GMT
I am delighted to see the old school still lives in our memories.

I attended Mundella during 1955 and 1960. Though not academically brilliant at the time (now a tutor at University of Leicester) I look back at and reflect on a wonderful all-round education. Diane

Name: Melvyn Clark
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 11/26/00 23:27:54 GMT
I attended Mundella 1970-75 and have great memories of good times and great friends. The teachers that I remember vividly are: Mick "Wack" Walker the much feared PE teacher, Ray Ward the geordie maths teacher, "Daddy" Dakin (English) who sadly passed away during our time there, Monica Lewis (English), Mr Coombes (history) and are few more who's names slip my mind. I am still very close friends with my old classmate Clive Hallatt who lives in California and occasionally see Kev Bishop when in Notts. I now live in Northampton (since '82) but visit Nott'm every few months to see family and friends. Classmates I still remember well include; Andy Ryder, Pete Malone, Mark Cooper, Pete Roper, Keith Moore, Ian Bennet, Alec Quayle, Gary "Armo" Armstrong, Dana Bromhead, Al "Big Al" Roe, Steve Gordon, Rob Keightley, Andy Lees and many more. If you're out there - I hope you are all well. I am now married to Jeanette and have 2 great kids, Joshua and Jasmine who are enjoying their schooldays as much as I enjoyed mine. Thanks for the great website - keep up the good work !!

Name: Richard Breedon
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 11/26/00 17:30:20 GMT
Ran into your site and it brought back a lot of memories. I was there from 1969-1974 and remember the names of past colleagues. I have lived and worked in the United States for the last 11 years (Indianapolis) but still keep in touch with family and friends back home in Nottingham. I lived in Wollaton and remember the two buses to school every day. I'm afraid I got bored with school when I was there but nostalgia is a great thing and it all seems rose-coloured now. Ha!
I was in Welbeck house which was always a great challenge. I remember Sports Day and long rides into Derbyshire with the football team. Hated cross-country with a passion. Great site.

Name: Janet Brown (now Middup)
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 11/24/00 14:36:56 GMT
Anyone who was in school from 1952 to 1956 and remembers me please please get in touch. I lived on Turney Street then, and was always in the "M" stream.

Name: Alleyn Boucher
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 11/23/00 01:51:34 GMT
I was at Mundella 1954-1961.
I have read with interest the emails regarding the lost Memorial. (I was very impressed that the school had a VC winner amongst its ex-pupils. Captain Albert Ball. Clem Calder told us this at our orientation (except in those days it was not called orientation)in the Upper Hall).
What is Mundella's connection with St Mary's? Wouldn't the church (I forget its name) next to the school be a more appropriate home for the memorial. The annual Xmas carol service is one event that I remember that was held there and I think that there were others. Or did this church disappear at the same time as the school?
Strange that this memorial should turn up in Bilborough. That was where Mundella was going to be moved to when the council built the new school there in the late 50's. This eventually didn't happen and the new school became Bilborough GS.
Another place I would have thought would have been appropriate for the memorial would be Albert Hall. Remember Speech Days (and the stink bombs).
Anyone know where Colin Mayfield, Chris Smith, Micky Fox, and David Fletcher are these days.

Name: Nigel Law
Homepage: Nigel law
Date Posted: 11/22/00 07:36:49 GMT
I was at the school between 1964-1971.

I spent most of my time playing football and cricket for the school, along with tennis in the later years.

I would be keen to hear from anyone who knew me.

Name: Eileen Ferguson
Homepage: MSN
Date Posted: 11/15/00 08:55:32 GMT
Eileen Cheetham Mundella 1953-58
I forgot to leave my email address

Name: Russell Beeching
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 11/13/00 22:26:35 GMT
At Mundella from 1969-1974 and have some good and bad memories of the place. Glad to hear that Mr Nettleship is still going strong - the only person who ever thought I could pass that maths o level (myself included). Never understood why it was necessary to slipper all of the new intake each year. If you remember me drop me a line because I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Name: Chris Holt
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 11/12/00 18:32:07 GMT
Dont know where to start, if anyone remembers me, drop a line.

Homepage: NONE
Date Posted: 11/12/00 17:14:22 GMT
I was at Mundella between 1961 and 1967 and my academic achievements were not as good as they could have been because of my love for football.I remember Mick Walkers regular lunchtime football training sessions and was probably one of a small number who enjoyed the cross country!!I bumped in to John Williams(Bonehead),Paul Beaumont,Mick Glynn and others in a pub in town(Nottingham) last Thursday evening and that is where I found out about this site.
Hope to hear from some old friends.

Name: Eileen Ferguson
Homepage: msn
Date Posted: 11/09/00 13:42:18 GMT
I was at Mundella in 1958. My name was Eileen Cheetham
and would love to hear from anyone who knew me. I lived in West Bridgford, but now live near Penzance in Cornwall.

Name: Pete Sykes
Date Posted: 11/04/00 22:16:30 GMT
1967 - 1974 and on the science stream of the school.

I learned about this site from Roy Nettleship. He,
and the school, were responsible for teaching me to sail and I was wandering round old haunts on a trip
to Nottingham when I met him. The school sailing bug
stuck and I've been Commodore at Port Edgar for
a few years now ( ) If
anyone remembers that new blue Enterprise sitting in
the assembly hall then that was me sitting in front of it thinking I could have a go with that.

I had a look at some of the photos. Mr Baggot
(funny how some teachers never had forenames)
was my maths teacher in 1st and sixth year and I think that's him in the 1957 photo. My main memories
of him are the day his pipe set his jacket pocket
alight in front of 30 11 year olds and 6
years later when he was lamenting that Dave
Shepherd and I appeared to have forgotten last
weeks work. I'd like to assure him (and Jill Hunt) that its not forgotten and its used most days.

Career so far: Everything to do with the design
development and use of software primarily in a
science or engineering field with time out for
an MBA. I'm currently at
and I'm responsible for Paramics.

Contacts with old school friends: Practically none
except I see Roy & Ruth Nettleship every few years.

Name: Ken Smith
Homepage: Ken Smith
Date Posted: 10/04/00 21:00:14 BST
Kenny Smith attended Mundella 1968 - 1975. Now living in Wales and teaching maths. Not as yet on the net put you can contact me through my brothers Email address and he will pass on any messages to me.

Name: Len Parker
Homepage: len.bp
Date Posted: 09/18/00 10:02:16 BST
Hello out there,

I was at Mundella from 1938 - 1943 ? Thinks. It was a

long time ago.

Name: David R E Bicknell QPM
Homepage: NONE
Date Posted: 09/11/00 21:06:13 BST
I was at Mundella 41-46.
I well remember many of the teachers mentioned on the website.
I'd love to hear from any contemporaries. I heard about the site from Mary Reed, nee Martinson. I'm retired & live near Winchester now.
Keep going forward!

Name: David Cooke
Homepage: David's Soapbox
Date Posted: 09/08/00 16:08:52 BST
I was at Mundella from 1958 to 1964. I was the very tall, very spotty lad. I live in Newport on the Isle of Wight now, in wonderful self-imposed retirement.

My school friends, in strict alphabetical order, were David Brasher, Sylvia Brown, Peter Campbell, David Foster, Terence Harrison, Tony Hurst, Colin Jackson, Robert Jones, Glyn Miller, Gerald Spalton, Andrew Wilson, Richard Wilson and Richard Young.

Some of the things I remember include:

The Axolotl, Busy Lizzies and Venus Flytraps.
Tadpoles that we fed on hard-boiled eggs and thyroid extract when no one was looking and which grew into monsters. Unfortunately, they died before turning into butterflies (I never was any good at Biology).

Highly poisonous coke stoves into which all manner of things were put.

Listening to jazz and going to coffee bars. I once gave a talk about Jazz and played some records. Does anyone remember the 'Blue Rondo'?

The 'spoof' A-Level Sex exam paper.

Managing to convince the games teacher that Ten-Pin Bowling was a reasonable alternative to hockey. I think we played the occasional game in between drinking coffee. Don't know how we got away with it.

Chucking some fluorescein into the River Trent and watching it turn a bright yellow!
Making nitrogen tri-iodide paste and smearing it on the library radiators. As it dried sharp explosions occurred and iodine fumes filled the air. Yes, it was me. I admit it now.
Ratty Reynolds' weekly 'simp-el' chemistry tests.
The 'Great osmosis experiment' which reached from the floor to near the top of the new science block stairwell.

Great times...

p.s. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Peter Campbell - I've still got his Thelonious Monk LP and would like to return it but I lost his address almost as soon as he gave it to me. I'm afraid that it's in a pretty ropey condition now. Sorry Peter.

Name: Rod Brown
Homepage: New Wave Sound
Date Posted: 08/28/00 14:13:21 BST
Wonderful, Mundella on the net. We were always years ahead of our time. I was there in 1963 – 70. You might remember me as the guy who did the discos and stage lighting. Mr Seebrook was my form teacher in the second year and wrote on my report “Roderick tries hard (I didn’t) but suffers from an insuperable academic handicap” He was trying to say in his own way that I was thick. I’m sorry Mr Sea Weed, as we used to call you, but if you are still on this planet I never forgave you for that. Early friends were Peter Dillon, Stephen Shaw, Brian Knight, Keith Emerson.

The first love of my life was Pamela Wallis, love not reciprocated. I wonder if she will read this note.

I married Lesley Bishop who I met under the science lab stairs one opera rehearsal night and we are still going and living in Nottingham. My best friend towards the end of the school especially was Malcolm Batchelor and we still run a small business together, see the web site. I turned (not surprisingly to those who remember my interests at school) into an Electronics Engineer against all the careers advice to sweep the streets. I have worked for Thorn EMI, British Aerospace, and recently Druck Ltd at Leicester running design teams on electronic products.

Lesley and I of course reminisce about Mundella and I have recordings of various musical performances Malcolm and I made (ooh I just thought of the four programmes a group of us made directed by Mr Jones (English) for Radio Nottingham I have those too some where).

Very best wishes to all old Mundellans and my good friend Chris Wright.

Name: Alan H. Bond
Homepage: bond
Date Posted: 08/28/00 01:30:00 BST

Name: Peter Dillon
Homepage: nil
Date Posted: 08/19/00 11:55:07 BST

Name: Clive Hallatt
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 08/18/00 05:29:20 BST
Great times back in the 70's.
Melvyn Clark is visiting at the moment.
I now live in the USA, in Palo Alto.
Stay in touch with Guy Maishman, Kevin Bishop and Melvyn Clark.
Work email is

Name: John Collin
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 08/13/00 16:29:36 BST
I was at Mundella 1958-1965. I can remember the teachers of that era, notably Barton Hart, Dolly Onions etc. Classmates included Pat Hardcastle, Graham Duke, Graham Turner, Roger Little, Sharon Barnes, Andrea Gospel. I currently live in Nottingham and am a member of Gedling Borough Council. I was also a Governor of Mundella in the early 1980's. I am married to Ann (nee Mellors) who was at Mundella 1959-1966. We both attended the recent reunions.
We would like to hear from anyone who remembers us.

Name: Thomas Clark
Date Posted: 08/12/00 19:45:03 BST
Greetings to all ex pupils in years 1943-1950 in forms 1c and 2g to 6g. More to follow.
Tom Clark

p.s. the email address is my daughter's

Name: John Preston
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 07/30/00 11:17:07 BST
I was there between 1962-65?. I remember Gus and Dave Pleat and a have the whole school photo from 1964/5. If you would like to contact please e-mail me at the above address.

Best regards


Name: Neil Spungin
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 07/27/00 12:00:30 BST
1954-1962. Now living in Israel.
Always wondered what happened to Martin Lawson and Isabel Scargall.

Name: Martyn Offord
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 07/21/00 22:46:44 BST
Found this site by accident. In fact I started teaching at Mundella in 1971 by accident - Mr Jacobs appointed me because I sang tenor. I'm now at Bilborough and occasionally run into some of you at parents' evenings! My George Coombes and Martin Southgate both came to Bilborough to see out their teaching days. In fact George retired a few hours ago. Some of the staff you talk about were my colleagues and were dispersed amongst the old men's staff room, young men's staff room or women's staff room. This depended as much on attitude as age or gender. And I remember you, Andrew Marshall - do you still owe me an essay?

Name: Andrew Marshall
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 07/20/00 13:11:25 BST
I was at Mundella from '68 to '75 and used to live on Turney Street so I could listen for the school bell b4 walking to school! I enjoyed -apart from I once got caught for cheating in a Chemistry test! The x-country runs were always held in fiercely cold winters>I once fell badly on the gravel near the tennis courts but Wack made me carry on.Good football coach though.I remember good teachers like Miss Finch (Geog)and Dotty maclean (Eng). I still keep on touch with Raman Shukla,Paul Lalgee,Terry Meehan (2 years younger than me),Denise Roper (now Taylor)and Steve Aulsebrook.I've lived in Singapore for 13 years now and married a lovely Singaporean called Nancy-our 2 kids are called Ben (8) and Kim(7).The web-site brings back great memories...

Name: John Wilson
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 07/16/00 11:35:26 BST
I was at Mundella from 1953 to 1960. Lots of memories, especially the blodge lab and the fish, Dolly Onions, Barton Hart (once he was fined for speeding down Mansfield Road and press cuttings from the Nottingham Evening Post mysteriously appeared all over the school)
Old friends include Susan Webster (dad was a GP in Notingham; she was a fantastic artist, very good at drawing animals), John Swinscoe, John Wilde, Robert Posen (dad was the Chief Rabbi in Nottingham).
Am in touch with Fraser Blagg who now lives in Bingley, West Yorks.
Anyone who remebers me, please get in touch - love to hear from you.

Name: Ted Sansom
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 07/15/00 17:49:15 BST
I was at Mundella 1963 to 1970, went on to Liverpool University, and am now working in Ringwood, Hants. Does anyone know how to contact Richard Trigg, head boy 69/70?
Mention of the Bread Van brought back memories, what about the chip shop tho', a 'bean mix' was 1/4 and a 'pea mix' was a penny cheaper at 1/3

Name: David Towers
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 07/15/00 10:07:12 BST
I "attended" 1973 - 1978. Doesn't seem to be many submissions from this era. Are we all computer illiterate or just too busy to surf the net ?
I have lots of memories of Mundella that probably aren't suitable for public viewing. If anybody out there remebers me, e-mail me and reminisce.

Name: Gill Bainbridge nee Gillian Breffitt
Homepage: BelsAtra
Date Posted: 07/12/00 22:44:15 BST
Remember many people from the board- notes:- Geoff Breffitt left 1965 now the Reverend Geoff Breffitt at Franksby upon Greavesby (my brother). Susan Shaw now Susan Sprengel remember Paul and Susan. Lorraine Cresswell now Sheard. Remember Paul Badger well. Hi Paul.Where are Angela Noble, Karen Green, Alison West, Margaret Stone, Zena Marshall, Susan Cumberpatch, Gisela Ritter,Judith Platt, Peter Barnes, Keith Emmerson, David Platt. Wonderful to see the photograph of Stanley Baggott mathematician supremo.Where is Martin John Southgate? Memories of Pete Smith, Phil Towers, Sam Sneyd, in science, feeding the axelotl with raw liver smacking it on the nose to get it to feed.Disecting rats, frogs, locusts, the fish eye ball-and we grew up balanced individuals? Remember chalky White and the most wonderful Jiving Joe Hallam-the Albert Hall speech days -the Cecil Rhodes Travel Prize. Victor and Victrix Lodorum-sports day Hardwick House. Anyone remember moving Mr Southgates car the morris minor? John Garofall and Mick Walker, checking the memorial gardens for those skiving from cross country. Trent pool. Anyone remember the first time they went rowing on the Trent at lunchtimes or the games of bowls on the embankment. Where is Gerry Kirk, Dave Brentnall, Stephen James have a wonderful photo of them and our trip to Stratford on Avon when the place was flooded-cars floating in the car park. Mrs Townsend-Tilly- "Do it in the sink boy!" to David Kilner.Where are Keith Jacobs and Andrew Bachelor?Happy days-get in touch any of the old gang-am a community worker- local TRAs.

Name: Gill Bainbridge nee Breffitt
Homepage: BelsAtra
Date Posted: 07/12/00 22:15:45 BST
Greetings comrades, ex Mundellan 1964-1971. Am intouch with others and will relay this wonderfulsite to them.

Name: Stuart Cumberpatch
Homepage: The Kennet Sheiks
Date Posted: 07/03/00 21:04:49 BST
Re: Paul Beaumont's request for a roll-call. Here goes: in 1966 5K was (to the best of my knowledge):

Alan Crabtree, Howard Eite, Martin Evans, Anthony Fettiplace, John Hollingworth, Chirs Ilett, Richard Kemp, Philip Kirwan, Roy Meakin, Stephen Parkes, Keith Radmall,John Rickard, James Shepherd, Steven Short, Richard Staniland, Trevor Stephen, Richard Towers,
John Turner, John Warren, Michael Wells

Christine Allen, Gundega Balodis, Susan Cook, Christine Daykin, Janet Gillman, Dawn Howard, Jacqueline Hustwayte, Jill Norman, Jennifer Roberts, Beverley Shaw, Christine White, Lynda Wright,
Sheila Wright.

Time to come out of the woodwork, you lot...

Name: Alan Boaler
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 07/03/00 12:21:27 BST
Hi, I was at Mundella 1946-51. I remember Dolly Onions very well having been in her class on year I think the 4th form. I remember too Miss Barlow! art, Barton Hart, who could forget, Mr Martin , Mr Ordoyno both Maths, Mr. Dodds.

I left Nottingham in 1958 ultimately became a Lloyd's Underwriter nor retired living near Canterbury.

I would love to hear from old friends.

Name: Paul Beaumont
Homepage: Roughnex
Date Posted: 07/01/00 11:34:50 BST
Well, Stuart and Sheenagh. I wonder what the chances are of getting the whole of that 1966 5X line up to make an appearance on this board. (at least those of us extant). Is it something to do with reaching 50 that triggers actions like this?. I don't know.

When you have a minute, Stuart, why don't you publish your 5K line up as well. I seem to recall that the two classes spent a lot of time living in each others pockets. I remember one or two names from that class such as John Turner and Phil Kerwan (of "Salty Dogs" fame) and of course the exotically named and exquisitely gorgeous, Gundiga Balodis.

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